Loaner Agreement

Customer and Customer's passengers, if any, must wear a seat belt in the Loaned Vehicle.

NOTICE: Dealer's liability insurance does not cover injuries to passengers in the loaned


If Customer does not return the Loaned Vehicle within twenty-four hours of notification,

customer agrees to pay a daily charge of $59 and have such charge assessed against

Customer's credit card.

Dealer loans to you, the Customer, the above-described vehicle, and Customer agrees to

the terms and conditions on both sides of this agreement.

1. The above-described Loaned Vehicle does not belong to Customer but is delivered to

customer for a loaned purpose only and is in good operating condition.




3. On the due date of vehicle or sooner upon demand by Dealer, Customer will return the

Loaned Vehicle in the same condition except ordinary wear and tear, to the Dealer's

address. Customer will also refuel loaned vehicle to the same amount of gas in vehicle at

the time it was loaned out.

4. The Loaned Vehicle may be repossessed without notice to Customer if the vehicle: 1) is

not returned on the date which it is due back; 2) is illegally parked; 3) is used in violation of

law or of this Agreement; 4) is or appears to be abandoned; or, 5) if the Customer gives

false or misleading information to induce the Loaned Vehicle. All charges for the

repossession are Customer's responsibility.

5. The Loaned Vehicle will not be used by anyone:

A. In any abusive, reckless, willful, or wanton manner;

B. While intoxicated or under the influence of any drugs or drowsiness;

C. In any speed contest or race, or for any illegal purpose or in pursuit of any illegal


D. Who obtains the Loaned vehicle by supplying false or fraudulent information to the


E. To carry persons or property for hire, including towing or pushing anything;

F. Outside the state of Texas without written permission from the dealer;

G. On other than a regularly maintained roadway;

H. Who leaves the Loaned Vehicle and fails to remove the key from the ignition while the

Loaned Vehicle is unoccupied; or

I. Not covered by the customer's bodily injury and property damage liability insurance.

6. Customer warrants that he/she is currently insured with the insurance company named

on this document for at least the minimum coverage and provisions required by State law

for Automobile Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability, including

personal injury protection, no fault, uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage, where

required by law. In addition, the Customer's policy provides Comprehensive and Collision

coverage for this Loaned Vehicle. Customer agrees that his or her own insurance is


7. Customer will not use the Loaned Vehicle if it is damaged or in need of repair and will be

responsible for all damage to the Loaned Vehicle resulting from such use.

8. Customer will pay for all parking violation fines and penalties, plus all costs incurred by

Dealer if Customer fails to make such payments. Customer agrees that in connection with

any claimed violations, information relating to Customer may be submitted to governmental


9. Customer will pay, on demand, all charges due under this Agreement. If an error in the

final charge is determined, either party will promptly pay or credit the other party, as

appropriate, to correct the error.

10. Customer is solely responsible for any property left or stored in the Loaned Vehicle.

11. If Customer fails to return Loaned Vehicle on the due date or within 24 hours following

a written or oral demand to Customer to return the Loaned Vehicle, Customer is deemed to

be in unlawful possession of the Loaned Vehicle.

12. Customer will not permit any repair to or replacement of any part on the Loaned

Vehicle without prior consent of the Dealer and Customer agrees to pay for any such

unauthorized repairs.

13. Customer will pay all costs incurred by Dealer and will defend and indemnify Dealer

from all claims, demands and lawsuits resulting from a violation of a term of this agreement

by Customer or from the issuance of a warrant for the arrest of Customer or any person

operating the vehicle and any action by the Dealer used to secure the return of the Loaned

Vehicle or otherwise enforce the terms of this Agreement.

14. Customer is not considered the agent, joint venture, or employee of the Dealer for any


15. Customer will comply with all applicable state and federal laws regarding the use of the

Loaned Vehicle, including, but not limited to the wearing of safety belts and the use of a

child passenger safety seat system, according to the instructions of the manufacturer of the

safety seat system. Supply a child passenger safety seat system where necessary or

advisable is the sole responsibility of Customer.

16. Customer agrees to everything stated on both sides of this Agreement. Customer

agrees that this Agreement can only be changed in writing and if signed or initialed by both

the Dealer and Customer.