Sewell - Audi North Houston

17815 North Freeway     Houston, TX 77090     (281) 214-0500


CONDITION: The undersigned hereby accepts delivery of the Rental Car described herein in a good and safe mechanical condition and agrees to return the car in the same condition as received, ordinary wear and tear expected. If a defect or dangerous condition develops in this car, I agree not to drive, or permit the car to be driven, until the defect or dangerous condition is corrected. If repairs do became necessary, I will contact an authorized representative of the Service Department of Sewell Audi immediately and follow explicitly all instructions that are given.

USE: It is agreed that the Rental Car will not be operated (a) for any illegal purpose; (b) to propel or tow a trailer or any other type vehicle; (c) in excess of the regular seating capacity; (d) in any race, speed test, or contest; (e) by any person under the influence of intoxicants or narcotics; (f) other than upon a paved road or public highway; (g) outside the metropolitan area of the Dealership and the communities abutting thereon without permission. The car will not be loaned, rented, or driven by a third party. I understand that I am liable for all parking and traffic violations.

INSURANCE: It is understood and agreed that the Rental Car described herein is to be used as a "Substitute Car" for the Renter, while a the Renter's car is in the Service Department of Dealership being repaired. Renter, by signing this agreement, guarantees that current collision and comprehensive insurance coverage is maintained on the car for which Rental Car is being furnished as a substitute car, and as the Renter I understand and agree that I am completely responsible for any and all damage to said Rental Car during the Rental Period. It is further understood and agreed that Dealership does not include bodily injury or property damage liability insurance coverage in the agreement, and that I do currently have in force liability insurance coverage protection on my presently owned automobile currently being repaired by Dealership. My insurance carrier is noted in dealership records. Carrier: ___________

ACCIDENTS: In the event this car is involved in an accident, I agree to furnish a signed detailed statement giving the cause of the accident, names of any person injured, and the extent of the injuries, extent of physical damage, and the names and addresses of all witnesses and claim number from your insurance company by the time I pick up my car. Claim #: ___________________

TERMS: Since this car is made available for accommodations of customers of Dealership, said car must be returned as per this agreement. If I fail to return the car within 24 hours after I receive notice to return it, I agree to pay $95.00 for each day I retain the car after the receipt of such notice _______ (initial). It is understood and agreed that all charges which occur on this Rental agreement shall become a part of the Total Charges on the repair order on the Renter's car being repaired, and as such are subject to regular Company credit policies.

AGENCY: I am not nor do I hereby become an agent, servant, or employee of Dealership in any manner whatsoever.

The undersigned hereby acknowledges that Dealership is not providing any type of insurance protection or collecting any charges. Therefore, in consideration of the foregoing acknowledgement, the undersigned agrees to pay for all loss and damage to the described automobile and to hold Dealership harmless for any liability as a result of the lessee's usage thereof.
I have carefully read and agreed to all terms as outlined above.


Renter's Signature