February 24, 2015

6 Essential Selfies to Take in Los Angeles


There may be no more quintessentially Los Angeles thing to do than take a selfie —which is why, even if you’re a tourist, you’ll blend right in when you pucker up and hold your phone to the sky at that telltale angle. Behold, six approaches to getting a classic snap in town:

1. The “I’m a Patron of Art”

It’s Chris Burden’s art installation of 202 restored cast iron street lamps in front of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. But it’s basically Instagram porn. Snap a selfie in front of, or within the maze of illuminated poles for a pic that says, “I’m fun, but I’m mad cultured too. Check me out!”

2. The “I’m Down With Street Food”

While you’re in front of Lacma, stop by the row of food trucks lined up on Wilshire Boulevard to snap another iconic L.A. pic: a street-food selfie. Whether you pose with a paper container holding a banh mi or a samosa, you’ve got another iconic L.A. souvenir. Find Chef Roy Choi’s Kogi BBQ truck wherever it is for a shot with the Korean taco that launched a movement.

3. The “I’m Wearing Shorts in Winter, B**ches”

It’s February in Los Angeles, so throw your bathing suit and head out to Santa Monica Pier. At night, get Pacific Park’s Ferris wheel in the shot for extra color.

4. The “Multitasker”

Hike the famous (and bustling) Runyon Canyon loop trail, and at the top, shoot a sweaty selfie with downtown skyscrapers in the background.

5. The “Game Face”

Come spring, grab that blue cap and jersey for a sporty L.A. selfie at Dodgers Stadium — mouthful of Dodger dog optional. Don’t forget to sing along to, “I Love L.A.,” the Randy Newman tribute that’s played every time the home team wins. The song has also inspired this season’s marketing slogan.

6. The “Hooray for Hollywood”

There may be no landmark in the world that more obviously identifies a place than the Hollywood Sign. Yeah, it can be a touristy bucket-list item — but it also has major non-cheesy, not-lame appeal for locals who hike to the sign on a recently reopened trail. Spectacular views from behind and above the sign make the route a selfie gold mine.