Best Burgers… At Least Some Of Them


Ah, the hamburger. A classic American staple. There’s no wrong day to eat a hamburger but National Burger Day gives us all a great excuse to indulge a little bit. Whether you like yours classic or with a contemporary twist, there are great options in just about every city. Here are just a few of our favorites!



Baptiste & Bottle in Chicago, IL

Chef Lintelmann serves up an old fashioned burger stacked with bread and butter pickles, American cheese and remoulade. Though it might seem simple, the combination of ingredients is just right.



Ledlow in Los Angeles, CA

Ledlow’s straightforward classic is topped with cheese, red, pickle, and Dijon & garlic aioli. “It’s inspired by my trips across the country eating at different short-order burger joints,” says chef Centeno. “But in the case of the Ledlow burger, it’s my meat blend and poppy seed bun that make it.”



Emily Loves Pizza in New York City, NY

Their mainstay might be pizza, but chef Matt Hyland serves up a mean burger over in Brooklyn. It’s so popular, you have to get there early to eat it. It regularly sells out! They make the 7 oz patties in-house and top them with Grafton Cheddar and caramelized onions. Drool.



Jacoby’s Just Casual in Austin, TX

Did you think we’d leave out Austin!? Never! Jacoby’s OG burger was so popular that they had to give it it’s own restaurant. Their Just Casual food truck dishes up burgers with an array of toppings from classic to exotic.

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