August 20, 2018

Traveling with tots? Get the best quality child safety seats

Traveling with kids is hard enough. The last thing you should be worrying about is lugging car seats through an airport.

But with the vast majority of rental car companies charging $10-$15 a day for a car seat rental, most parents are tasked with that unfortunate reality. And even if you do decide to suck it up and pay to rent car seats, parents have any idea how safe they actually are. There’s no way to know if the seat has been involved in a serious accident.

And let’s not even mention the cleanliness of most rental car seats.

For parents, it’s a good thing Silvercar decided to change the car seat rental game.


Silvercar now offers premium Peg Perego car seats with their rentals for free. Yes, for free.


The quality of Silvercar’s car seats really does match the quality of the Audi ride.


While you’re in the driver’s seat of an Audi A4, Q5, or A5 cabriolet have some piece of mind knowing your children are safe and sound in their premium car seats (subject to availability). Silvercar’s Italian-made Peg Perego car seats are some of the safest, and nicest, out there.



Reserve either the Primo Viaggio Convertible for children 5-65 pounds or the Viaggio Flex 120 for children 40-120 pounds. Rent a car with Silvercar and say goodbye to your rental car – car seat woes.


To request a Peg Perego child or booster seat for your rental, at no additional charge, please contact us at least one day before the start of your reservation by emailing [email protected] after booking.


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