July 7, 2015

Escape Travel Purgatory with LoungeBuddy

Picture this: your flight has just been delayed another two hours…for the third time. You’ve finished your book. You’re out of podcasts. Your butt is most definitely asleep from the rock hard terminal seat and you’re verging on the edge of a severe hangry episode. You’re throwing the dinner plans with your old college buddies out the door, so you restlessly look around at your sad options. Trail mix? Fast food? Ugh.

You glance over to your right and see a magical oasis — an airport lounge. You’re so deprived, you think you see actual rays of golden light shining down on the plush chairs and gourmet appetizers. You swear you hear a tiny chorus of angels off in the distance. YOU MUST GO THERE NOW.

But wait. You didn’t fly first class, so why would you ever be granted access to the sweet, sweet craft beers and fresh fruit beyond the velvet ropes.

If only you could just… walk in.

Enter your personal savior: LoungeBuddy. Oh hey! There’s that little chorus of angels singing again!

LoungeBuddy is an easy-to-use app that allows you to gain access to airport lounges. Let’s face it, traveling is tiring, exasperating, and all around stressful. Wouldn’t it be great if you could pull up a list of available lounges in your terminal for you to relax, freshen up, and get some work accomplished in a comfortable space? First class treatment is no longer just for the elite.

Take the guesswork out of determining which airport lounges are accessible by completing your LoungeBuddy profile with any elite status, lounge memberships, and credit cards, along with your current itinerary, and they’ll take care of the rest. Seriously, with a tap on your screen, you can pay a small fee for a seriously big upgrade in your travel experience.

LoungeBuddy is available in airports all over the world, including our Silvercar locations at PHX, DFW, and LAX! And, because they are so very awesome, they’re offering a $15 credit for Silvercar members when they sign up for LoungeBuddy for the first time. Just use credit code “silvercar” upon downloading the app.

Breathe a sigh of relief. Never eat stale trail mix again. Traveling just got a whole lot better.

*Terms of $15 credit offer: Valid for first-time LoungeBuddy customers only. Offer subject to availability and can be redeemed using the LoungeBuddy iOS or Android mobile app which can be downloaded at http://www.loungebuddy.com/app/. Offer cannot be combined with any other first-use offer already redeemed. Use of LoungeBuddy requires registration and is subject to the terms of use, promotional code policy, and privacy policy. Offer valid at participating locations. For a full list of instant booking partner locations, please visit http://www.loungebuddy.com/locations/.