Friends with Benefits


Today we kick off an all new referral program to give our Silvercar peeps a better experience when you send friends our way. This overhaul is long overdue and is just the first step it making the program as seamless as you would expect from Silvercar.

This one focuses on better discoverability, transparency and speedy payment.

Here’s how it works:

1. Find your code in your Silvercar profile on our desktop website under “Referral Program.”

2. Share your code generously. The more you share the more money you make. If you’d like to share it as a link, use this format (just remove “YOURCODE” and replace it with your referral code): .

3. Once your friend books a reservation with Silvercar, you’ll get an email letting you know you’re one step closer to payday.

4. When your friend completes their first reservation, you will both get an email within 24 hours and both be paid $25 via Paypal. The email will come from “Silvercar” [email protected] No fees or hidden charges.

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