May 1, 2015

How to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo in Every Silvercar City

In the grand scheme of a year, very few days are dedicated to tacos — actually, there’s only one.

With that in mind, it’s in your best interest to take advantage of this precious, cheesy, carne asada holiday no matter where you find yourself this Cinco de Mayo. The Mexican holiday does fall on a weekday this year but no worries, make hashtags out of hangovers and go wild in all of the Silvercar cities starting this weekend, keeping it festive all the way through #TacoTuesday.


There’s possibly no better place to be on May 5 than Texas, and Austin is a mecca for good food, arts, culture and generally a really good time. If you’re kicking it in the state capital this year, you owe it to yourself to go authentic by checking out the Cinco de Mayo Festival organized each year by Fiestas Patrias of Austin, a nonprofit that has been throwing parties for more than 30 years in the name of promoting Hispanic culture. In other words, it’s legit.


If you’re going to celebrate in Dallas, assume the Texas motto, “Go big or go home.” If you’re looking to go all out, check out The Dallas Cinco de Mayo Festival, which will feature a parade, festival, main stage, tailgating and a car show. But, if you’re more of an indoor kid, no problem. Head over to Mattitos Tex-Mex, known for their insane Cinco de Mayo parties with DJs, games, drink specials, and non-stop Tex-Mex cuisine. If you can keep up, Godspeed.

San Francisco

If you’re there this weekend, check out Valencia Street on Saturday for the San Francisco Cinco de Mayo Festival. This daylong event attracts artists of all types, including the Ensambles Ballet Folklórico de San Francisco, Berta Olivia and the Mariachi Mexicanisimo. Local chefs will be serving up diverse cuisine, and approximately 50 other vendors will showcase their arts and crafts.


There are just too many damn good Mexican restaurants in Phoenix, so here are a few that come highly recommended: Barrio Queen Tequileria for margs and affordable grub, La Hacienda for an upscale experience, and Sandbar Mexican Grill for a sports bar DGAF vibe.

Miami/Ft. Lauderdale

If you find yourself around South Florida this Cinco de May weekend, you have got to grab tickets for 5 de Mayo Beach Fest, (technically on Saturday, 2 de Mayo), which celebrates all Latin cultures. But for those of you in Miami to get jiggy with it, head over to the Clevelander hotel, where they’re serving up Cinco de Mayo realness and margarita madness all day and night.


Ok, ok…everyone has an outdoor festival because, well, spring. But the two-day Cinco de Mayo Festival in Civic Park looks like a lot of fun. It’s the twenty-eighth year, so they’ve had some time to perfect the art of celebrating. If you’re just looking for a marg and some tacos al pastor, check out El Diablo. Of course if you’re feeling educational and have some daytime hours free, check out Museo de la Americas and learn a thing or two about the holiday so you can act smart later over tequila shots.

Los Angeles

If palm trees and sunny skies are calling you, head over to Olvera Street for an authentic Mexican experience of shopping, dining, and entertainment. It might get a little crowded, but it’s worth spending Cinco de Mayo in the coolest and oldest part of Downtown LA. Since Los Angeles is steeped in Mexican culture, the Mexican restaurant scene is among the best in the country. Check out El Compadre for casual dining and margarita pitchers, Malo for a more diverse fusion flavor in the heart of trendy Silver Lake, and for an upscale experience, head over to Red O in West Hollywood.