February 26, 2015

How to Road Trip, When You Hate Road Trips

There are two types of people in this world: people who enjoy road trips, and people who can’t even bear the thought of being in a car for more than an hour.

For those of you who relate pretty hard with the latter, never fear. There is hope for you yet.

Gas station junk food, fun stops along the way, audiobooks, and pillows are just some of the ways to make the journey just as fun as the destination…almost. (Let’s get real, if you hate car rides, you hate car rides.)

Cut The Drama, And Get A Gas Card

No one wants to sit in a confined space with passive aggressive people stewing with resentment over who got the short end of the stick with gas money. Open a credit card with mega rewards on gas, dedicated to refueling. Split the bill at the end of the trip.

Say No To Cliff’s Notes

Never actually read the book, but only watched the movie? Now is the time to redeem your dumb ass 16-year-old self, and get caught the f*ck up with yourAmerican literature. It will both pass the time and give you material for the next cocktail party.

Ruin Your Dinner

The best part of a road trip — hands down — is being able to eat junk food from a gas station with absolutely no guilt. You have no choice but to find sustenance in Snickers; haven’t you seen the commercials?! You aren’t you when you’re hungry. But if you can’t live on Hot Cheetos alone, you can always look up gourmet gas stations along the way.

Brake For Weird Stuff

Road trips are mostly filled with long open, boring road, peppered with some pretty scenery. But the real way to make it interesting — really worth your butt falling asleep — is stopping to see the truly bizarre things this great country has to offer. We’re thinking local museums, ghost towns and even the largest…everything.

Guilty Pleasure Playlists

If there was ever a time to be vulnerable, it’s in a small space for an extended period of time. Let everyone in. Confess to all how much you love Miley Cyrus. In preparation for the trip, start a collaborative Spotify playlist so you can all therapeutically contribute your shameful Top 40 favorites.

Pillows! Pillows! Pillows!

Do anything to make yourself comfortable because you’re on a road trip. Even if you hate it, why not enjoy it?