February 5, 2015

How to Three-Day Vacay

With the holidays over, and spring break so far away it makes you want to cry tears of tequila, the next few months can seem like a dim stretch of cubicle hell.

For those of us who don’t work at a company with perma four-day work weeks, the answer is the three-day weekend.

Whether you’re trying to plan your Presidents’ Day weekend, or looking for an excuse to take a day off to build you’re own three-day weekend, we’ll get you prepped and ready so you can make the most of your vacay.

Pick A Day

Ok, there are a couple ways to play this. You can take off either Friday or Monday, but which is better? If you take off Friday, that leaves you back in the office on Monday without missing a beat, since Fridays are typically quiet anyway. But also, hangovers. ‘Nuff said.

If you take Monday off, it will make your co-workers THAT much more jealous of the mimosa you posted on Instagram at 10 a.m. while everyone is at their desk. It’s really a matter or preference and workload but, if money is an issue, we recommend taking the Monday off since Sunday to Thursday is typically cheaper when it comes to hotel and airfare costs.

Get Those Deals

Speaking of saving money, your three-day weekend is going to feel a hell of a lot more fun if you got a freaking deal! If you’re thinking about jet-setting in the near future, you may be traveling in the off season, which can offer a whole slew of discounts. And don’t forget that if you see it cheaper elsewhere, most airlines or hotels will offer a price match. It can never hurt either to check in with your favorite travel companies, airlines and hotels to see if they have a deal running. (Like thespecial rate we’re offering this month and plugging here shamelessly. See Silvercar.com for details.)

Ideal Travel Time

When you’re debating whether to fly or drive, remember that you’re only going away for 72 precious hours; you won’t want to use up too many of them on travel. Our recommendation is not to exceed three hours, whether you’re flying or driving. Any more, and you’re really eating into your kick-back-by-the-pool time.

Preparation Checklist

So, stop wasting time. Put in your time off if need be. Pick a place to go. And get ready to show off your hot dog legs for a whole 72 hours.