Important Announcement

I am excited to share with you today that Audi has announced their intent to acquire Silvercar. It’s no secret that Silvercar and Audi have a longstanding relationship. Heck, we’ve only ever rented Audi A4’s.

The fact that Audi has taken the next step to solidify this relationship is a direct result of the support of our customers, the hard work of every single employee and the backing of our investors.

I believe, as does the Silvercar team, that we are on the verge of the most profound changes in the 120-year history of modern personal transportation, and we wouldn’t dream of continuing this journey without you.  Stay tuned for more choices, more convenience and an even better experience as we continue the journey we started, what seems like yesterday.

On behalf of the entire Silvercar team, I sincerely thank you for embracing our brand. Together, we are changing the way the world hits the road.

Stay excited!

Luke Schneider, Silvercar CEO

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Silvercar is part of the Audi family. Audi is committed to building next-generation premium mobility offerings that give travelers flexible access to an array of Audi vehicles at airports, cities, and dealerships. With our seamless app-based experience and the industry's top customer experience ratings, Silvercar is changing the way the world hits the road