August 7, 2014

Making things personal. YOU are the future of the next Silvercar


By: Luke Schneider, CEO, Silvercar

The phrase “my car” is ubiquitous in American conversation. Let’s face it, in our cars we play out key pieces of our daily drama. We sing, swear, fight, hate, heart, romance, emote, transgress – and that doesn’t even include the basics (y’know… 10-and-2, one foot on the pedals). With all that we do in our cars, what does the phrase “my car” actually mean anymore? Especially now that the ever present Millennials help us all see cars as more of a utility, not a trophy. Surely it’s more than just the name on the registration document. More than simply that hunk of glass, steel and rubber parked in a reserved spot with someone’s name on it.

This is where engineers can be helpful. Ask a Silvercar engineer what makes a car “my” car, and you will get an entirely different response. It will have nothing to do with the late adolescent events that transpired in the back seat. Nothing to do with the shade of 1975 Corvette blue you painted over the rusting body of that ‘77 Pinto. But it will be no less awe-inspiring and … er . .  impressive.

At Silvercar we believe “my car” means that no matter where you use our cars, when you use them, or for what purpose (out of the gutter, people), it should be your car. The geniuses on our technical team have figured out how to remember the things you do to personalize your Silvercar when you drive it, and make any car in our growing fleet configure itself to those specifications when you scan in. From seat positions to mirror angles, climate control settings to trip itineraries and entertainment pre-sets, we will soon be able to beam your car to you from space (well at least from your smartphone). Drive your car, with your settings, in Phoenix on Monday, San Francisco on Tuesday and pick up right where you left off on your latest playlist. Soon, every Silvercar will be your Silvercar, every time.

In a world where personal transportation is going through a gawky adolescence, morphing from an “end” to a “means”, we’re making sure that no matter how you choose to roll, your car is always your car. At Silvercar, renting a car is not a cause to surrender a civilized driving experience. Score one for the guys in the white lab coats. Mad science.