August 20, 2018

How to skip rental car lines and get premium cars

There’s nothing quite like sitting on a cramped airplane for hours, only to get off and go wait some more in baggage claim for your belongings, and then head on over to the rental car counter to wait even more.


And when you’re traveling who wants to spend precious vacation time waiting at a rental car facility? You could be out there skiing down the mountain, soaking up the sun on the beach, or dining in at your new favorite restaurant.


But instead, here you are, in line waiting to sign form after form just to be able to rent some high mileage car you hate driving.


No one likes waiting.


So we decided to do our part to get rid of it all together.


Silvercar can’t speed up your plane or make your bags come out any faster. But we can give you the best car rental experience you’ve ever had.



Simply download the Silvercar app from the App or Google Play store, book your reservation, complete your profile, and when you arrive at our facility all it takes is one click to hit the road.


Silvercar’s rental process is that simple. Create a reservation and get behind the wheel of a premium Audi in less than five minutes.


Oh, and with Silvercar, no matter when you rent, no matter where you rent – you’re guaranteed to get behind the wheel of a premium Audi: every. single. Time.


Choose from one of our three Audi models: the A4, Q5, or A5 Cabriolet.


Spend less time waiting and more time in a rental car you’ll actually enjoy driving. All it takes is five minutes. Book with Silvercar today.


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