July 4, 2014

The Most American Things to do in Every Silvercar City

We’ve all pretty much got this 4th of July thing down, right? Wake up late, fire up the barbecue, take a dip in the pool, and then set the neighborhood on fire in a bottle rocket war. Oh, independence. This is what it means to be free, to be an American, to celebrate the good things in life with the good people in our life… and Tim Howard, let’s give that national hero another round of applause. But we think the patriotism should be celebrated on more than just one day out of the year. That’s why we put together a list of the most American things to do in every Silvercar city, so when you’re ready to travel, you know just where to go to celebrate the stars and stripes.

San Francisco – Muir Woods


Why it’s American: There aren’t many places around the world you can find 380 ft. Redwoods that can be more than 5 times the age of the Declaration of Independence, but at Muir Woods, there’s no shortage of these natural wonders. But if it weren’t for U.S. Congressman, William Kent, Muir Woods may never have existed. Kent purchased the land to protect it from the loggers. A couple of years later, when his land was threatened yet again, he preserved it by donating a portion to the government. Theodore Roosevelt then declared it a national monument and agreed with Kent that it should be named after John Muir.

Dallas – The Rodeo


Why it’s American: Before it was the official state “sport” of Texas, rodeo was a required skill by cowboys in order to manage the terrain and climate of the American west. They didn’t have the modern luxuries of a stadium to confine the livestock they were attempting to capture or clowns to protect you when you fall off the bull. That’s another thing… we promise never to sponsor a damn clown.

Los Angeles – Paramount Studios


Why it’s American: Ever seen an American-made movie? The chances it was made at Paramount studios is pretty high. If there’s one thing Americans love, it’s entertainment on the big screen and this is the birth place of more American classics than we care to count.

But if you can get into the Playboy mansion… then go there, because if there are two things Americans love, it’s entertainment and… well, you know…

Phoenix – Chase Field


Why it’s American: Baseball’s not for everyone, but it’s America’s pastime and for a reason. It’s one of America’s oldest sports. In fact, the first known mention of baseball was only 15 years after the signing of the Declaration. Much like the rodeo, it has come a long way, and to truly see how far, take a trip to Chase Field. This place has a retractable roof, a pool AND hot tub in left field, and a AC system that cools all 1.3 million square feet in less than 3 hours. ‘MERICA

Miami – Key West (close enough)


Why it’s American: While there’s plenty of great things to do in Miami proper, the absolute most American thing you can do is hop in your MIA Silvercar 😉 and head for the Keys to visit the former home of one of the all-time greatest American authors and journalists, Ernest Hemingway. Just seeing it is fine, no need for a tour, because the good stories are all told at his old watering hole, Sloppy Joe’s bar. Just make sure you get a hotel room because the drinks go down easy in this town.

Austin – Anything and Everything


Why it’s American: For this one, we’re going to quote MyLife.com who recently ranked Austin as the 3rd most patriotic city in the U.S. because they sum up this great city perfectly:

“Austin is the state capital and a city that refuses to play by anybody’s rules but their own. That is what being independent and free is all about.”

We couldn’t agree more.

Happy 4th,