January 29, 2015

Top 5 Red Flags You’re In A Bad Relationship With Your Current Car Rental Company

As Valentine’s Day approaches and relationships are top of mind for both singles and couples alike, Silvercar wants to encourage consumers to start seriously evaluating their current relationship with their car rental company.

Take a look at our “Top 5 Red Flags” and determine whether it’s time for you to “break up” with bad car rental and start a relationship with Silvercar.  If you’re already in a relationship with Silvercar, be sure to look out for your friends, family and co-workers who may be stuck in a bad relationship.

Would love to hear of any “Red Flags” you think we missed!

1.    “Bad Gas”

What constitutes “bad gas” in a car rental relationship?  The majority of car rental suitors will charge you an exorbitant amount (3-5 times) the actual pump price for gas if you don’t fill it up yourself beforehand. Where’s the chivalry and love in that? In contrast, Silvercar charges fair fuel prices (what you’d actually pay at the pump.)

2.  “Been Around The Block”

According to the Wall Street Journal, rental cars with 35,000 and even 50,000 miles have become more and more common. Just like in romantic relationships, riding a car with “more miles” (no judgment) can often lead to justified safety concerns. The average age of Silvercar’s fleet is six months (legal by car rental consent standards) and the average mileage is approximately 5,000, virginal by car rental standards.

3.  “Exaggerating And Even Lying About Size” 

Depending on what you’re looking to do, “size” can definitely matter.  You reserve a full-size vehicle and upon arrival, they don’t have any full-size vehicles available. Rather than being honest with you, they’ll often try to convince you that a “mid-size” car is actually a “full-size” car and charge you the “full-size” rate.  At Silvercar, you get the same car, a fully loaded (free in-dash navigation, Wi-Fi, Sirius Radio and award-winning Quattro all-wheel drive) silver Audi A4, every time you rent.

 4.  “No Flexibility” 

It’s a fact, in life plans change. Despite this, some rental car companies will financially penalize you for returning your car late (in addition to extra daily charges) and even penalize you for returning your car early, by re-adjusting your daily rate to be higher. Silvercar gets that “[email protected]” happens and would never penalize you for that.

5.  “They’re Pushy”

The majority of car rental employees are bonused and eligible for promotion based on how much they can upsell the consumer they’re courting.  Whether they’re trying to sell you on in-dash navigation, roadside driver’s assistance, Wi-Fi, or even a damage waiver, it can be a major turn-off quickly. Silvercar Concierges are measured on guest satisfaction.  You’re in the driver seat as far as making decisions, Silvercar will never pressure or push you into anything and include pretty much everything (Wi-Fi, in-dash navigation, Sirius Radio, roadside assistance and additional drivers) for free.

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