• No money down
  • No membership fee
  • 1K monthly miles included*
  • Delivery/pick up

Reasons to extend your rental

  • Thinking about
    buying or leasing?

    Take the ultimate test drive and take the time you need to thoroughly evaluate features and fit.
  • Waiting for your
    new car to arrive?

    Beat the supply chain blues. Purchase now and rent with Silvercar until your new vehicle gets delivered. No commitments means ultimate flexibility.
  • Is your car
    in the shop?

    If your car is in the shop for maintenance or repair, why not treat yourself to an Audi? Choose from a range of sedans and SUVs to fit your needs.
  • Planning the
    ultimate road trip?

    Whether it's roaming solo across the country or an epic family road trip, experience it in a premium Audi vehicle. Put the miles on our car, not yours.

Rent longer, save more

  • 7-14 days
    Automatically 30% OFF
    per day
  • 15-29 days
    Additional 20% OFF
    per day
  • 30 days +
    Monthly rate
    per day

A vehicle to meet your needs

Choose from a range of premium Audi vehicles including sleek sedans, spacious SUVs, and breezy Cabriolet convertibles.


5-passenger mid-size SUV


4-passenger sedan


7-passenger full-size SUV