Terms & Conditions

Virgin America Elevate® Program

  • Please provide Elevate number at time time of booking on www.silvercar.com/partners/virgin.
  • Base point earning is 4 points per $1 spent on qualifying rentals.
  • Now through 12/31/2015, members can earn additional bonus of 500 Elevate points after booking and completing their 1st rental. Members can earn another additional bonus of 1000 Elevate points after booking and completeing their 2nd rental, and an additional 2000 bonus points after booking and completing their 3rd rental. 3rd rental must start on or before 12/31/2015 to qualify for additional bonus points.
  • Points will be honored after payment is submitted for total rental amount.
  • Elevate points may not be substituted or exchanged for any other loyalty program points or monetary value.
  • Points will be earned on cash value only.
  • Point accrual based on the net base rate, not including taxes, fees or additional charges such as fuel.
  • Please allow 4-6 weeks for point earnings to be posted to your account.
  • All Elevate terms and conditions apply.
  • All standard Silvercar terms of use apply.
  • Please direct questions about points earned to support@silvercar.com.